Embarrassing MCP Govt dropped Chizuma’s Court cases


The Anti-Corruption Bureau Director General, Martha Chizuma can now resume her duties as the Director of Public Prosecution has dropped all the court cases against her.

Martha Chizuma was answering different charges that were levelled against her following leaked audio in which was discussing Anti-Corruption Bureau’s corruption with a third party.

“Martha Chizuma during the month of January 2022 in the City of Lilongwe in the Republic of Malawi, while a judicial proceedings is pending in high Court in which Ashok Kumar Sreedharan is a party, made use of speech calculated to lower the authority of the judge, to wit Justice Simeon Mdeza, before whom the Judicial proceeding was being had, by stating and suggesting that the said judge received bribe,” reads the particulars of the offence.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Government has been facing pressure from the United States of America embassy, United Kingdom to stop court proceedings against the Corruption graft-busting boss as they described the action as a severe damage of government’s credibility in fighting against corruption.

Director of Public Prosecution Masauko Chamkakala has confirmed that development saying the decision has been made after consultation with the President Dr Lazarus Chakwera, Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda.

“As DPP, I was appointed by the President to advance the Administration’s agenda for Justice in accordance with the rule of law, and His Excellency has always made it clear that part of that age.

“After reviewing the case and after consulting the Attorney General, I decided to discontinue the criminal case against the Anti-Corruption Bureau Director General Ms Martha Chizuma in line with the prescriptions of the Constitution and other relevant laws,” he said.

Chamkakala has said his decision has been made to ensure that the functionality of the ACB is not impeded.

Meanwhile, Chamkakala said the decision has already been communicated to Collen Zamba, the Secretary to the President and Cabinet.

Chizuma was expected to appear before the Supreme Court of Appeal as Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda had ready hired private lawyers to represent the government on the case.

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