Rigging in 2025 elections will not happen – Mutharika


Democratic Progressive Party on Sunday 12 May 2024 held a rally at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre where party president Peter Mutharika made an address.
A mammoth crowd of people filled the streets and brought the city of Blantyre to a standstill. They gathered at Njamba where Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader and former president Peter Mutharika held the political rally. The rally was themed ‘Making Malawi Better Again’.
In his prayer, Apostle Timothy Khoviwah asked Malawians to vote for Peter Mutharika in the 2025 tripartite elections as he was a visionary leader who was able to change things for the better.
He prayed ” Ambuye dalitsani mtsogoleri wathu wakale Peter Mutharika yemwe pano akufuna kulowanso m’boma ndikusintha zinthu zomwe sizilibwino ndi ulamuliro omwe unatinamiza.”
Noel Lipipa said the DPP represents many good things in the Bible. He said, for example, good leadership which the DPP led the poor people in this country are some of the good works found in the Bible.
Former President Peter Mutharika challenged incumbent President Lazarus Chakwera to openly come out and declare that the central region is open for campaign rallies to all political parties.
Mutharika also challenged law enforcers to bring to book attackers of DPP supporters in Lilongwe in February this year.
The former President said all is set for the DPP elective convention in July this year. He said the doors were open for all positions in the party and everyone was free to contest.
“I am ready and fit to contest in the 2025 tripartite elections and I am confident of winning and becoming Malawi president again,” said Mutharika.
“Chilichonse mdziko muno chakwera mtengo chifukwa cha a Chakwera. Kuyambira shuga, sopo, mafuta ophikira, mchere, zone sakura ndi a Chakwera” literally means that “Everything has gone up in this country because of Chakwera. From sugar soap to cooking oil salt, everything has gone up with Chakwera”- Mutharika told the mammoth crowd.
Peter Mutharika said the government of Chakwera is cruel. He said this government is subjecting DPP followers to extreme ill-treatment and suffering without any good reasons.
He reminded Malawians ” I told you in 2020 not to vote for this government because it is a cruel government. Today you have seen it for yourselves. Therefore in let us vote wisely.”
Mutharika said that MCP is distributing money to some people to destabilize the DPP.
He accused the government of showing one-party state dictatorial leadership tendencies which they previously did in the past before they were kicked out of power.
“During my term of office, I fixed the economy and the value of the Malawi Kwacha was very strong. Development projects were everywhere during the nighttime. As for this government they only managed to construct one road,” Mutharika said.
The former president has also alleged that the Tonse Alliance Government has already started planning to rig elections for 2025. However, he challenged that rigging of the 2025 elections will not happen because he is already aware and also getting ready to win as it happened before.
DPP supporters gathered together in their largest numbers at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre to attend the political rally as some climbed on tree tops to have a glimpse of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika. Some party members also gathered at the Chichiri roundabout to welcome the DPP president before the rally.
This is the first time for DPP president Arthur Peter Mutharika to organize a political rally in the city of Blantyre.

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