Ukraine struck two oil depots and a refinery across Russia in 24 hours including one more than 700 miles (over 1,100 kilometers) from the border, officials on both sides said yesterday, as Kyiv works to weaken Russia’s military and its energy industry.
The strikes follow about 20 similar attacks since the beginning of the year. Military analysts say Kyiv hopes to disrupt Russia’s military logistics by targeting the facilities that supply fuel for its tanks, ships, and planes, and to undermine Russia’s energy industry, which is central to its economy.
Impact: An energy expert in Belgium said the strikes had taken more than 10 percent of Russia’s oil-refining capacity offline, temporarily reducing its ability to turn its crude oil into products like gasoline and diesel.
Victory Day: This year’s celebration in Russia was more expansive than last year’s event, a sign of a country that has recovered from the initial shock of the war and holds a battlefield advantage.

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