Samuel Lwara urges President Chakwera to address VP Chilima plane crash


On Wednesday, July 10, 2024, Samuel Lwara took to social media to address growing public concerns surrounding the plane crash involving Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima, which occurred on June 10, 2024. In a video clip, Lwara highlighted the numerous inquiries he has received through his inbox regarding the incident and expressed frustration over the lack of official communication from President Lazarus Chakwera.

Lwara emphasized that, given the gravity of the situation, it is President Chakwera’s responsibility to provide clear and transparent information to the Malawian people about the circumstances surrounding the crash. He noted that the public is eagerly waiting for a statement from the President, as it is the leader of the nation who holds the authority to address these concerns directly.

According to Lwara, the call for information is not motivated by the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) but comes from a broader segment of the Tonse Alliance, which includes members concerned about the incident’s impact. Lwara stressed that the investigation details provided by the German authorities are not the primary concern for many Malawians at this time. Instead, the public demands clarity from the President on several key aspects of the crash, including the amount of fuel in the plane and other specifics related to the tragic event.

Furthermore, Lwara called for a detailed and written documentation of the investigation’s findings and expenditures. He also questioned the timing of any celebratory reactions from the MCP, asserting that the priority should be to address the pressing questions surrounding the crash rather than engaging in premature celebrations.

In conclusion, Samuel Lwara’s appeal underscores a broader call for transparency and accountability from the highest levels of government. The expectation is clear: President Chakwera needs to address the nation directly and provide the answers that Malawians are seeking regarding the unfortunate incident.

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