Resource strain cuts patient meals at karonga hospital


Director of Health and Social Services (DHSS) for Karonga district, David Sibale, says inadequate funding has reduced meals to one a day for patients at the District Hospital.

Sibale highlighted on Monday, following a donation by journalists under the Karonga Press Club (KPC) to the maternity wing and pediatric wards, that the high cost of food has strained their resources, forcing the hospital to provide only one meal a day. This situation is not ideal for patients who need proper nutrition to recover.

“The high cost of food has greatly strained our resources, resulting in this situation,” he said.

However, Sibale is optimistic about improving the meal situation. He mentioned short- to medium-term strategies to increase meal provision to at least two meals a day.

Adams Wundaninge, Chairperson for the Karonga Press Club, said the donation was made to celebrate with patients as Malawi marked 60 years of independence.

“As journalists, we aim to set an example for others to follow, hence this gesture to make a difference for the patients and their guardians,” explained Wundaninge.

Wundaninge also appealed to the corporate world and people of goodwill to support the provision of food at the district hospital.

One of the beneficiaries Mallian Ipopo, a guardian from Songwe Border, welcomed the donation, describing it as timely, especially for those from distant places without nearby relatives.

Among the items donated to over 80 patients and guardians were bathing and washing soap, table salt, match boxes and soya pieces.

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