DPP gathers momentum in Nguludi: Road to 2025 elections


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rallied supporters in Nguludi, Chiradzulu, marking a significant event in their campaign leading up to the 2025 elections. Amidst a charged atmosphere, key messages and sentiments were conveyed by party leaders and attendees alike.

Addressing the crowd, DPP emphasized their perception of the Tonse Alliance’s governance shortcomings since assuming power. “Tonse Alliance came and took over but they have failed to run the government on their own,” remarked a speaker, reflecting the prevailing sentiment among supporters.

A highlight of the event was the declaration that former President Arthur Peter Mutharika would reclaim leadership in September 2025. This announcement was met with fervent cheers and chants from the crowd, underscoring their anticipation and support for Mutharika’s return to office.

The atmosphere grew more animated as attendees sang chants criticizing the current administration, with slogans like “Chakwera achoke! Chakwera achoke!” echoing through the rally grounds, signaling a strong desire for change among DPP supporters.

Voter mobilization was a key agenda item, urging attendees to secure their National IDs to ensure participation in the upcoming elections. The importance of the electorate’s role in influencing political outcomes was underscored, with an emphasis on removing President Chakwera from office through the ballot.

Local dynamics were also acknowledged, with MPs urged to consult community leaders on ceremonial attire preferences for the anticipated swearing-in ceremony, indicating confidence in sweeping votes from the Nguludi constituency.

As preparations intensify for the 2025 elections, the DPP rally in Nguludi served as a pivotal moment in galvanizing support and setting the tone for future campaign activities.

Stay tuned for further updates on political developments and election preparations in Chiradzulu and beyond.

This article captures the energy and key messages from the DPP rally in Nguludi, highlighting their campaign momentum and aspirations leading into the 2025 elections.

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