Remembering Lucius Banda: A Tribute by Janta


The Malawian music community mourns the loss of Soldier Lucius Banda, a legendary figure whose impact transcended generations. Janta, a rising star in his own right, took to social media to express his profound sorrow over Banda’s passing, describing him as more than just a mentor but a father figure.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Janta reminisced about the profound influence Soldier Lucius Banda had on his career and personal life. “I am saddened by the passing of Soldier Lucius Banda, who I took like a father,” Janta wrote. “This has hit hard and it is a big loss to me.”

Soldier Lucius Banda was not just a musician but a pillar in the music industry, known for his unmatched talent and dedication as an event promoter. Janta recalled how Banda played a pivotal role in his early career, giving him his first break at Sandfest in 2015. “Lucius Banda was the first promoter who gave me the chance to perform at Sandfest back in 2015,” Janta fondly remembered. “He trusted me as an agent to bring artists like Nkosazana, Makhadzi, and others to perform at Sandfest.”

Their professional relationship extended beyond stage performances. Janta proudly shared, “As a producer, I was honored to produce half of his songs in his last album.” Banda’s generosity knew no bounds, as he even featured in one of Janta’s songs without seeking payment and offered to contribute four songs to Janta’s upcoming album.

However, their bond was deeper than music collaborations. “Lucius and myself developed a certain bond to the extent where I was taking him like a father, and I would see my late father in him,” Janta expressed poignantly.

In conclusion, Janta bid farewell to Soldier Lucius Banda with heartfelt words: “Rest well father, friend, and fellow artist.” The legacy of Soldier Lucius Banda lives on through the countless lives he touched, including that of Janta, who will forever cherish his mentor’s guidance and friendship.

Soldier Lucius Banda’s departure leaves a void in Malawi’s music scene, but his spirit will continue to inspire future generations of artists and music enthusiasts alike.

Rest in peace, Soldier Lucius Banda. Your music and your spirit will resonate forever.

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