Sunganimoyo accuses MCP MPs of removing constituency chairpersons


Social commentator Isaiah Emmanuel Sunganimoyo has accused some MCP legislators of removing constituency chairpersons and replacing them with their own choice as the party is heading to the August 2024 elective conference.

Sunganimoyo has claimed that these concerns have been forwarded to the regional chairperson of the party for the centre but he has closed his ears making the constituency chairpersons accuse him of applying conflict of interest in the matter.

He has advised MPs who have by themselves removed the constituency chairpersons to re-read the MCP Constitution and reinstate them before the law catches them describing the development as new in the party.

Speaking through a video clip circulating on various social media platforms, Sunganimoyo said the tip of the iceberg is with Dedza West constituency where the incumbent Parliamentarian Filipo Chinkhondo has taken the law onto his hands of removing the constituency chairperson for the area.

Sunganimoyo has reminded MCP Parliamentarians that the MCP Constitution gives power to the constituency chairpersons to run the affairs of the area and not MPs claiming that they are children of constituency chairpersons.

He has asked all MPs to respect the party’s constituency chairpersons despite their concerns not being heard by the regional chairman on the claims that these MPs have money to corrupt the mind of the regional chairperson to favor their interests.

“Respect the MCP Constitution, bring back all the fired constituency chairpersons to run their constituencies, and not bring in divisions in the party,” he said.

On the elective conference to be held in August 2024, Sunganimoyo has asked the MCP’s Convention chairperson Hon. Kezzie Msukwa, and member of the committee Joseph Njobvuyalema to site a law in the MCP Constitution that those vying for positions must have served in the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) for two years.

Sunganimoyo has reminded Msukwa that he is not supposed to head the convention committee him being a candidate, he was supposed to give the position to a neutral player and he is in a conflict of interest of bringing confusion in the party.

He said in 2013 Dr. Lazarus Chakwera was rejected to be the MCP presidential torchbearer because he was new in the party and in the end, he competed in the presidential race wondering why some people today are insisting that newcomers should not be vying for positions at the elective conference.

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