Kalindo reminds Chakwera without free speech no government


Political activist Bon Kalindo has reminded President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera that without free speech, demonstrations and ,democracy, he would not have been in that position.

Kalindo said that he is enjoying his position under the sponsorship of free speech.

Kalindo has claimed that President Chakwera is taking the country back to the past of the MCP led by Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s one-party state and dictatorship where intimidations and threats to citizens were the order of the day.

He has assured the MCP and Malawi Police Service (MPS) that even if they can arrest him as many times as they want, he will not stop speaking the truth and justice, he will stand with the people claiming that Malawi adopted democracy in 1994.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various media platforms, Kalindo has claimed that the research which was conducted by Malawi First crew from 10th June, 202 to this day, has revealed that MCP is dead and cannot win the elections if held today or tomorrow.

Kalindo said Alliance partners are not happy with the events surrounding the country and are coming out outstanding her with Malawi First that MCP plus vote rigging allegations can in no way win the elections to take place on 16th September, 2025.

He said if the MCP will win the 2025 elections, this will be through National Identity Cards as government has made it clear that “no National IDs no vote for candidates” urging Malawians to stand up and say a big ‘NO” IDs should not only be used for voting processes.

The activist has called on the Malawi Law Society (MLS) and opposition parties to stand together partnering with the citizens to take the matter to court to challenge government not to hide through IDs so that voters use other identifications other than only the national IDs.

He has questioned over the moment to come out clear on why now IDs are important for one to vote for candidates while the same IDs were not used to vote out the DPP and Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika in June 2023.
“Malawians need convincing reasons on why the decision of voting using only national IDs was arrived at while in the past, we have been using driving licenses, passports, and, letters of identification from chiefs,” said Kalindo.

He has warned goverthemomentt that if it insists on the decision of rigging votes through only IDs, Malawians will not take part in the voting processes in the elections to come on 16th September, 202 for the MCP to continue taking Malawians for granted.

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