Zomba City elects a New Mayor and Deputy Mayor


In a symbolic gesture of unity and support, key figures from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) recently joined forces with Zomba City’s newly elected Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Color Christopher Jana, and Anthony Gonani. Madame Kandeu, DPP’s Director of Women for the East, and Steve Bamusi, Director of Youth and a Zomba City councilor, stood alongside the elected officials in a gesture of solidarity and collaboration.

The meeting, which took place against the backdrop of civic optimism, highlighted a spirit of bipartisanship aimed at fostering community development and inclusive governance. Madame Kandeu and Steve Bamusi, influential within their respective roles, expressed their confidence in Mayor Jana and Deputy Mayor Gonani’s ability to lead Zomba City forward.

Mayor Color Christopher Jana, known for his community-oriented approach and dedication to public service, emphasized the importance of working together across political lines to address the city’s challenges effectively. Deputy Mayor Anthony Gonani echoed these sentiments, pledging a commitment to inclusivity and responsive leadership that prioritizes the needs of all residents.

The presence of Madame Kandeu and Steve Bamusi underscored the DPP’s commitment to collaborative governance and partnership with elected officials, transcending political affiliations for the collective benefit of Zomba City. Their joint appearance reflected a shared vision for progress and prosperity, signaling a positive outlook for municipal affairs under the new administration.

As Zomba City navigates its future under the leadership of Mayor Jana and Deputy Mayor Gonani, the show of solidarity from DPP leaders Madame Kandeu and Steve Bamusi reinforces the importance of constructive engagement and mutual respect in local politics. Their collective endorsement symbolizes a promising start to a period of unity and purpose in advancing community welfare and development initiatives across Zomba City.

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