“My dad was a great visionary leader” – Sean



Son of late Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima Sean says his dad was a great visionary leader.

He says time spent with his father was always inspiring to him and others.

Sean adds he admired his dad ever since he was born.

As a daily routine, Sean says his dad was always the first to wake up in their house for church.

“I must admit as a child I was not quite certain that my dad was such a hard worker. He was a man who always made sure to get things done.

“My dad was also a sportsman and I took after him. He and mum taught us good morals and always to be humble,” says Sean in his eulogy.

Saulos Chilima was a prominent political figure in Malawi. He served as the Vice President of Malawi from 2014 to 2019 under President Peter Mutharika’s administration. Chilima initially rose to prominence as a technocrat and business executive, known for his leadership roles in various private sector organizations, including Airtel Malawi and Unilever.

In 2018, Chilima broke away from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and announced his candidacy for the presidency in the 2019 elections under the United Transformation Movement (UTM) party, which he founded. Although he did not win the presidency, his campaign challenged the political status quo in Malawi and garnered significant support, especially among younger voters and those disillusioned with traditional politics.

Chilima was known for advocating transparency, accountability, and economic reforms during his tenure as Vice President and through his subsequent political endeavors. His role and influence in Malawian politics shaped discussions on governance, youth empowerment, and socio-economic development in the country.

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