Sunganimoyo claims to be behind declaring Lilongwe to only MCP


The National Liberation Party (NLP) President Isaiah Emmanuel Sunganimoyo, has come out in the open that he was one behind many people mobilizing MCP supporters to block activists from organizing and holding demonstrations in Lilongwe.

Sunganimoyo said stopping demonstrations in Lilongwe did not come as a surprise but for the love of the country observing that demonstrations had evil motives, to make the Government of President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera ungovernable.

He said the demonstrations were being organized by one tribe only in the southern region, the region which had produced two Presidents while in the Eastern Region, people behind holding demonstrations were those Malawians living in South Africa.

Speaking through a video clip circulating in various social media platforms, Sunganimoyo said with the way he was seen mobilizing MCP members to defend Lilongwe from activists holding demonstrations, many Malawians thought he was bought with millions of Kwachas to support MCP.

Sunganimoyo has claimed that following him leading `by example in mobilizing people not to allow activists and demonstrators in Lilongwe, the MCP has taken this as a weapon of defending and protecting President Chakwera and the MCP to be regarded as the force to reckon with.

He said that besides doing a good job for the MCP, the party has never and ever recognized his work, and even senior party officials do not have time to remember his work speaking for themselves that some people have declared Lilongwe and the central region as belonging to only the MCP.

The NLP President said he loved President Chakwera and he voted for him in the June 2020 elections saying he dares to speak before Malawians on issues affecting the country and some people were planning to take away his life.

“The challenges which Malawi as a country is sailing through, did not come because of Chakwera,” said Sunganimoyo.

He has expressed hope that the MCP and President Chakwera will find time to praise him for being a standing block to activists and demonstrators to hold demos in Lilongwe claiming that without him, this government would have been taken away from the hands of President Chakwera.

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