HRCC, CSOs and NGOs mourns Kasambala


The Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) Board and network members along with other CSOs and NGOs have expressed their condolence messages to the Kasambala family fare thee well Raphael Kasambala SC who died on 7th June 2024.

The organizations say they are mourning a legend who contributed immensely to the growth of the sector through unflinching legal services and advice on approach to national actions and strategies to remain within the law.

The HRCC says it recalls the 2011 National demonstrations which were the first of its kind where nationals under the tutelage of CSOs came out in large numbers to fight impunity, poor governance, and economic hardships where the nation sadly lost over 15 nationals due to the heavy-handedness of the police.

In a statement dated 8th June 2024 signed by HRCC Board Chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba, the HRCC says the late Ralph Kasambara and the team made themselves available during this time to offer pro borno services to Civil Society leaders including facilitating the sending of some CSO leaders into hiding in foreign nations.

The HRCC says Kasambara together with Counsel Wapona Kita, were among the team that facilitated the removal of an injunction against the demonstrations which was secured by the then government agents in the wee hours of 20th July, 2011 which facilitated the holding of the demonstrations nationwide.

The organization says the late Ralph Kasambara contributed greatly to national growth as his inputs are evident in national policies and Legislations he participated in their formulation recalling Kasambara’s role in numerous law reforms while he served as Minister of Justice and Attorney General including his personal efforts to clear a backlog of cases in the Attorney General’s offices.

It says the late Kasambala invested his energies in engaging litigants for out-of-court settlements against the government thereby saving billions of taxpayers’ money and was also a founding member of the Civil Liberties Committee (CILIC) -the genesis organization that founded the bedrock of the fight for rights in the country.

The HRCC and entire CSOs say they remain indebted to Ralph Kasambara’s dedication to duty, passion, and professional acumen not forgetting his selflessness and humility in engaging everyone regardless of status, he was available for everyone who needed his hand and most often, for free.
“The Civil Society community will greatly miss this Legal legend and icon,” reads the statement in part.

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