Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika Welcomes Norwegian Ambassador to Malawi


Lilongwe, Malawi – In a significant diplomatic event, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, the former President of Malawi, welcomed the new Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Mrs. Ingrid Marie Mikelsen, in Lilongwe. The meeting underscored the ongoing commitment of both nations to strengthen bilateral relations and development cooperation.

During the cordial meeting, Professor Mutharika highlighted the historical and robust ties between Malawi and Norway. He acknowledged Norway’s substantial contributions to Malawi’s development efforts, particularly in areas such as health, education, and rural development. The former president emphasized the importance of continued collaboration to address the challenges facing Malawi, including poverty reduction, healthcare improvement, and economic development.

Ambassador Mikelsen expressed Norway’s dedication to supporting Malawi’s development goals. She reiterated Norway’s focus on promoting sustainable development, gender equality, and human rights in Malawi. The Ambassador also highlighted the significance of the partnership in achieving Malawi’s Vision 2063, a strategic plan aimed at transforming Malawi into a self-reliant, industrialized, and middle-income country.

This meeting also served as an opportunity to discuss future projects and initiatives that could benefit both countries. The collaboration between Malawi and Norway has been long-standing, dating back to the establishment of the Norwegian Embassy in Lilongwe in 1999. Over the years, Norway has been a key partner in various development programs, significantly contributing to the social and economic progress in Malawi.

The discussions concluded with a mutual agreement to enhance cooperation in key sectors, ensuring that the partnership continues to yield positive outcomes for both nations.

The visit by Ambassador Mikelsen marks a new chapter in the Malawi-Norway relationship, fostering a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation aimed at achieving shared development goals.

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