Blantyre DPP Councillors Endorse Mutharika for 2025 election


Blantyre City South East MP, Hon. Sammy Suleman, and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) councilors from Blantyre have endorsed His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as the DPP presidential candidate for the 2025 general elections. In a revelation of unity, they called on all members of the DPP Convention to rally behind Mutharika to secure a landslide victory and drive Malawi away from its current economic mess.

During the endorsement event, councilors highlighted several grievances, including the insufficient MK150,000 honorarium and the latest centralized processing which the government has started deducting 20% as a Tax and slow disbursement, which they deemed inadequate given the escalating cost of living in urban areas. They also lamented the discontinuation of the Malata subsidy projects and the food-for-work programs, both of which had been highly beneficial to many communities.

Hon. Suleman took the opportunity to urge President Mutharika to prioritize the completion of the Blantyre bypass road project, which has been neglected under the Tonse Alliance Government. He emphasized that many developmental initiatives started by the DPP have been abandoned, leaving Blantyre and other areas in a state of neglect.

In his response, Professor Mutharika assured the councilors of his commitment to their welfare. Drawing from personal experience, he shared memories of accompanying his father, a councilor, to meetings in Thyolo during his youth. Mutharika expressed his deep appreciation for councilors and reaffirmed his desire to support them, having once aspired to be a counselor himself.

Mutharika also criticized the current administration for centralizing government functions in Lilongwe, which he argued has turned Blantyre into a “ghost city.” He condemned the attempt to transfer the High Court to Lilongwe, viewing it as part of a broader strategy to undermine the southern region.

Regarding the ongoing National Identity Card registration, Mutharika accused the National Registration Bureau of intentionally sabotaging the process in the southern region, labeling it as a form of electoral fraud. He called on the councilors to work diligently and remain united, emphasizing the importance of a robust campaign to maintain the party’s stronghold in Blantyre ahead of the 2025 elections.

Looking towards the upcoming mayoral elections in July, Mutharika encouraged the councilors to support a DPP candidate for both the mayor and deputy positions, ensuring strong leadership within the city council.

The endorsement of Mutharika marks a significant step in the DPP’s preparations for the 2025 elections, as the party bears itself to reclaim its influence and address the concerns of Malawians across the country.

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