Twelve Malawians Deported from Israel


By Hosea Banda……

The government of Malawi through the Ministry of Information and Digitalization has confirmed that twelve Malawians who were arrested and detained in Israel have now been deported into the country.

In a statement released on Tuesday, May 7,2024, and signed by Minister of Information and Digitalization Moses Kunkuyu says the twelve Malawians breached their contract by abandoning their work in farms and joining a bakery company which led to their arrest and being detained in Israel.

The minister has further cautioned all people who are going to Israel for work to follow their contract and say they will not tolerate any habit of breaching the contract.

“The government of the Republic of Malawi wishes to caution those who choose to go and work in the state of Israel that a breach of contract will not tolerated.

“The Malawi government is calling upon all Malawian migrant workers in the state of Israel to desist from such behavior as it puts this country in disputes.”

The minister also says such habits can reduce the opportunity of work for other Malawians who want to go to Israel.

Among the twelve detained Malawians four arrived in the country on May 7,2024 and the remaining eight will arrive in this country on May 8,2024.
Last week the state of Israel arrested over twenty people from different countries who abandoned their work in farms and joined a bakery company which was contrary to Israel’s constitution.

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