Chaponda appointed as Leader of Opposition


Former ruling Democratic Progressive Party DPP has appointed Dr George Chaponda as the new Leader of the opposition. According to a letter seen on DPP’s official Facebook page, the appointment is with immediate effect.
In the same letter, Lonnie Chinese had been appointed as Commissioner in Parliament. This appears to be a new position announced by the opposition DPP.
The party has also thanked Hon Mary Navicula who served as Leader of DPP before this appointment.
In a surprise move, Kondwani Nankhumwa, the interim president of the People’s Development Party (PDP), announced his resignation 5 days ago as Leader of Opposition in Parliament. This move comes as Nankhumwa focuses on strengthening his newly formed party ahead of next year’s elections.
Parliamentary Standing Order 35(1) reads: “The leader of opposition shall be elected by the party not in government having the greatest numerical strength in parliament at any point in time and officially announced as such by the speaker”.

The Leader of the Opposition is a title traditionally held by the leader of the largest political party, not in government, typical in countries utilizing the parliamentary system form of government.
The Leader of the Opposition is responsible for managing the way the opposition develops policies, scrutinizes the government, and acts in Parliament. Their duties include: acting as the main opposition spokesperson. selecting members of their party or coalition to be shadow ministers.

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