Tonse government has failed to take Malawians to the promised land – Mtambo


By Judgement Katika…….

Commander in Chief of Citizen Transformation (CFT) who was former minister of National Unity Timothy Mtambo has said the Tonse Alliance administration has failed to deliver in its four years of being in power.

Mtambo made this sentiment in a press briefing on Sunday in Lilongwe that the Tonse government has failed to take Malawians to the promised land.

He said, “This is clearly not the change we all aspire for and for sure we cannot keep quiet as citizens, we must actively participate”.

He said he is now back to activism because Malawians are suffering and the opposition is failing to provide checks and balances to the government.

On his part government spokesperson Moses Kunkuyu said Mtambo’s sentiments and his latest standpoint are surprising and asked Malawians to judge if there is any correlation to his not being part of the cabinet now.

In her remarks, Democratic Progressive Party leader of the national assembly Mary Navitcha trashed Mtambo describing his comeback as opening a new chapter for economic survival.

Navitcha said Mtambo’s sentiments about the opposition are sheer madness because Malawians are speaking every day about their plight even without the opposition speaking for them.

The Tonse Alliance administration made several promises premised on the economic situation at the material time. Then came the devaluation of the kwacha, the war in Ukraine, the two cyclones, and skyrocketing inflationary pressures both within and outside the country.

In March 2022, the Catholic bishops accused the government of being weak on corruption in a rare letter of criticism released in churches across the nation. Authorities said they had received the letter and would investigate the issue raised.

The pastoral letter by local bishops highlighted several areas where the administration of President Lazarus Chakwera allegedly failed to improve. Among those was the fight against corruption, which the church said the government had failed big time.

It is said the current administration was led by weak and indecisive leaders who were failing to utilize their powers to govern.

Four years ago, the people of Malawi mobilized in protest demanding change. The protestors seemed victorious with the election of Chakwera at the helm of the Tonse coalition in the year 2020. He unseated Peter Mutharika securing 58.5 percent of the votes and promised to usher in a new era of leadership.

Mtambo also said this is not the change Malawians aspire for and the citizens of this country cannot keep quiet, they must actively participate.

President Lazarus Chakwera fired Mtambo from the cabinet in February 2023.

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