“Timothy Mtambo must apologize and accept defeat as it is too late for tears” – Bon Kalindo


According to an audio released on Sunday 28 also p April 2024 which has gone viral on social media, Bon Kalindo, popularly known as the DC began his message by saying that we have many politicians who are cowards in Malawi today. He said that they always fail to tell the truth especially when they see a bunch of money offered to them.

The DC uttered that we have intelligent and wise politicians in this trouble with very good and high academic qualifications but once they get into government they can’t speak the truth anymore, they do not stand for the poor but end up getting lost and attached to corruption and selfishness leaving the poor behind.

“The same applies to human rights activists in the country. They choose to praise the government of the day, cabinet ministers, leaving behind real issues that are supposed to be sorted out simply because of money offered to them by the government,” voiced Kalindo.

The courageous activist said there are many challenges in Malawi to be addressed such as the high cost of living, devaluation of Malawi kwacha, lack of jobs, and low salaries and wages for those who are employed. The living standards for the majority of Malawians are very hard and difficult such that making ends meet is impossible.

Bon Kalindo declared that he is a fearless activist in the country who does not look at the origin or tribe of any individual whenever he wants to present issues but he believes in speaking the truth all the time.

He said he would continue to speak and fight for the truth until the people of Malawi are free from bondage and from the Devil who is ruling this country today.

“The main message in this audio goes to Honourable Timothy Mtambo, former cabinet minister for the press conference which he held yesterday on Saturday the 27th of April 2024. The DC advised Timothy that he should have held the first press conference to offer an apology to Malawians because he dumped them and accepted a cabinet post that was offered to him.

“Timothy at one point in time was a darling in this country for standing for the poor Malawians. He stood for the people without fear or favor,” Bon Kalindo pronounced.

He pointed out that the greatest mistake Timothy Mtambo made was to accept a cabinet post that was offered to him and abandon the people. He said that’s the time his allegiance was divided. On the other hand, he continued to suggest that the other best thing Mtambo could have done was to continue fighting for the poor Malawians while serving as a cabinet minister, his reputation would have been maintained and recognized as a true fighter and defender of Human Rights.

Unfortunately, the former cabinet minister got carried away when he got into the cabinet and started making praise speeches for the president leaving the poor people behind.

He gave utterance that an activist was always an activist and it is true that Timothy was not supposed to hang his boots at that particular time.

“Today I challenge you for coming in the open at the 11th hour claiming that President Chakwera has failed to deliver. You should have simply come up with a first conference to apologize to Malawians for dumping them at a time they still needed you but you chose to dump them and joined a team of politicians.”

“Today the people of Malawi can easily mistake you for speaking against the president as a frustrated individual because you were dropped out of cabinet. They simply won’t believe you in what you are saying,” vocalized Kalindo.

The president of the poor, as he fondly calls himself, declared that what the former Minister did yesterday was just the same as insulting his own wife that she doesn’t know how to cook after having finished eating food prepared by the same wife.

“The same applies to our cabinet. We have very intelligent and wise cabinet ministers who are highly educated with degrees who can deliver and make change happen in this country but they are not ready to do just that. Unfortunately, the wise and intelligent cabinet ministers including the Vice President, including President, are not willing and ready to deliver what they claim they are capable of doing.

The DC further stated that he had high expectations of Timothy Mtambo when he was appointed cabinet minister and that he would perform wonders by standing and speaking for the common Malawian just as Bon Kalindo did when he was a Member of Parliament.

The Dangerous Child announced that he fought a good battle against his own DPP government on some policies at the time when he was an MP because he believed he did that for the common good of the poor citizens of this country. That’s why the system of politics does not accommodate Bon Kalindo the DC because he always believes in standing for the truth and speaking for the poor.

“As an activist Timothy Mtambo should have continued fighting for the rights of the people of Malawi while serving as Cabinet Minister, then the people of this country would have believed and realized that indeed they had a true son and representative in government.

“Is it because of the fact that your cabinet post was taken away from you that you have now decided to speak to Malawians through your press conference? The best thing you would have done was simply not to hold that press conference and simply keep quiet and say nothing. The best thing to do was an apology to the people of this country,” Kalindo remarked.

Bon Kalindo observed that Mtambo would have chosen to keep quiet because what he did was simply to bruise the healing wounds that people were beginning to forget and forgive. mention
commented that even if Mtambo organized demonstrations today people wouldn’t trust him anymore and they would not come out in large numbers as they did previously.

Kalindo claimed, “Let us, the young generation, not allow ourselves to follow stupid ideologies of failed leaders because they are the ones who have contributed to the challenges that we are facing today. Some of them are supposed to be resting at home while grandchildren scratch their backs. Timothy Mtambo you are among the likes of the Vice President who have seriously disappointed millions of Malawians for keeping quiet and doing nothing for a long period. Many wise and intelligent cabinet ministers should have stood for the truth and represented concerns for Malawians. The president should have been told to pack and go for failing to deliver”.

He maintained that Timothy Mtambo had come at the 11th hour trying to talk to the citizens of this country. Unfortunately, he has taken too long to come out from hibernation after he was dropped from the cabinet. Kalindo doesn’t really figure out what Mtambo was trying to cook all this time. He said he thought that Mtambo was probably planning to open a mega farm or a school when he kept quiet all this long without knowing that he was planning to come back to activism.

“Unfortunately when you came to address the press conference yesterday Saturday came alone without your colleague. Your colleague was not present a sign which indicates that both of you guys have been swallowed by the crocodiles and you cannot speak anything against the Malawi Congress Party government,” he asserted.

The DC also suggested that probably Timothy’s family members were benefiting in silence from the government just like the son of Chakwera has benefited. He alleged that it was unfortunate that the son of the president could summon cabinet ministers and shout at them for traveling to Israel to make arrangements for International labor exchange.

The activist insisted that everything in Malawi was a challenge and that things were in disarray. “There’s a lot to be done and activists must work together,” the President of the poor said.

He predicted that even the coming cabinet reshuffle was likely to be controlled by the son of the President whereby several of them would miss out on the next cabinet. He claimed that Chakwera was busy buying activists as well as politicians from the opposition. Kalindo also alleged that the coming 2025 election would not be free and fair because underage children were being registered in the central region for the same voting process in 2025. He continued to speak in his audio that when young children were rejected for registration MCP youth went flat out threatening officers at the National Registration Bureau (NRB) to register everyone including the underaged children.

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