Karonga Diocese Launches Bishop’s Peace Trophy


The Karonga Diocese has launched the Bishop’s Peace Trophy to reduce the incidence of the brutal killings of vulnerable and innocent old men and women which happens frequently in the district.

The 4-million-kwacha trophy aims to address the root causes of these atrocities by reaching out to the youths through the trophy.

The initiative comes barely a week after the Brutal killing of Jiness Nakalagho from Mwakasoko Village, PGVH Mwangulukulu, under Senior Chief Mwakaboko on witchcraft accusations.

Delivering a touching speech on Saturday at Kibwe ground on behalf of Bishop Martin Mtumbuka, Monsignor Laurent Dziko, expressed deep concern over the incident and highlighted the urgency to address such violence.

“To be very honest as a person I sometimes feel depressed with the ruthlessness of some villagers in our Diocese especially Karonga District considering that the Catholic Church has been working here now for close to 90 years and has been running schools for roughly the same period,” read the Bishop’s speech.

He further said, “One would have expected to see some significant tangible results of their hard work but sadly the level of brutality among some local people seems to be almost the same as what it was when Bambo Zutu brought the Catholic faith to this part of the country.”

Senior Superintendent Chrissy Mwale, Officer in Charge for Kaporo Police, commended the Diocese for the initiative, seeing it as a means to empower youth and deter violence in the area.

Senior Chief Kilupula said the launch of the trophy marks a pivotal step towards ending pervasive violence in the district.

He further emphasized the importance of engaging the youths constructively through such initiatives believing it to be essential for fostering peace and harmony within the community.

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