First Accident Respondent to Rainford Kalaba Earns Job In Zambian Civil Service


The Zambia Civil Service Commission has, with immediate effect, awarded employment in the Civil Service to Mephrine Moonga, a Bachelor of Science graduate from Eden University for bravery.

Moonga, 25, has been awarded employment for performing a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on renowned former Chipolopolo captain Rainford Kalaba.

Speaking when he handed over the letter of employment to Moonga, Civil Service Commission Chairperson, Dr. Choolwe Beyani, disclosed that the gesture was an extension of the Presidential Initiative on Cholera Volunteers that has seen several volunteers earn space into the Civil Service.

Dr. Beyani said the gesture is not because of Kalaba’s fame but is about a selfless young lady who rose to the demands of her profession. He said this when he, Members of the Commission, and the Commission Secretary met Ms. Moonga in the Commission’s boardroom in Lusaka to deliver the good news.

“I think it is important to understand that this issue is not about Kalaba because he is well known. It is an issue of a selfless young lady who rose to the demands of her profession under very unusual circumstances,” Dr. Beyani said.

Moonga says she is grateful to the Civil Service Commission and President Hakainde Hichilema for recognizing her small contribution. She said the opportunity to serve in government will have a great impact on her family being the first out of four siblings to be employed in the family.

Moonga told the media that she had no idea who the victim was and only learned that it was a popular football icon after getting home and reading on social media.

“What has happened today has changed my life. Looking back on 13th April (2024), on my way home in Chikankata from Lusaka, I helped a victim who was involved in an accident not knowing that it would come to this. I am very grateful,” said Moonga in an emotional tone.

Ms. Moonga also informed the media that she had never heard of the footballer nor watched him on television as she is not a soccer fan but that her action was based on her passion to serve mankind.

Minutes after the road traffic accident on Kafue Road, in which the football icon Kalaba was a victim, Moonga asked the driver on the bus she was traveling on from Lusaka to home in Chikankata to stop so she could help the casualties. At the scene, she noticed the female victim was lifeless but the male was still showing signs of life. She performed CPR for about 20 minutes till Kalaba showed some positive response.

Ms. Moonga has been appointed into the Civil Service as a Registered Nurse in Livingstone District, Southern Province.

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Tears of Joy

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