Super League sponsorship hits MK0.5 Billion, as TNM, Sulom signed a new three-year contract


The sponsorship packages for the TNM Super League have hit MK500 Million as the new deal was unveiled on Wednesday in Blantyre. TNM Plc has hiked the sponsorship with 233.33 percent from the previous MK150 Million.

The unveiling of the new package was stalled two weeks ago as TNM Plc was reported to be angry with Sulom’s conduct to strike a deal with Premier Bet Malawi without their [TNM’s] consent.

The company hinted that they would triple the sponsorship packages earlier this year during the award presentation ceremony in Blantyre but the unveiling of the new package was delayed due to a misunderstanding between Sulom and the company.

Sulom landed a MK260 Million deal with Premier Bet, and this angered TNM Plc forcing them to boycott the launching of the 2024 season and they failed to turn up in all the stadia in the first week of the season.

Eventually, Sulom and Premier Bet decided to part ways as TNM Plc convinced the Super League of Malawi that they would increase the sponsorship.

Speaking during the unveiling ceremony, Chief Executive Officer for TNM Plc, Michel Hebert says the decision to triple the sponsorship has been made as one way of promoting football in Malawi.

“TNM believes in football, and TNM is Football. We are only in Malawi, we are passionate about football. We must contribute to football and this is what compelled us to triple the sponsorship.

“The whole idea is to make the league more competitive. Money is going to the community so that they can also develop, referees are also being encouraged,” he said.

Super League of Malawi President, Col Gilbert Mitawa said the sponsorship will help in reviving, reforming, and rebranding Malawi’s football.

“The excitement is visible for a simple reason, hiking sponsorship from MK150 to MK500 Million is a big push. As Sulom, we are sincerely grateful for the wonderful gesture that TNM Plc has shown.

“For the brand of Malawi football to grow, it requires substantial investment in terms of finance. This sponsorship will go directly towards reviving, reforming, and rebranding our league to ensure that our league is attractive and competitive,” he said.

Football Association of Malawi has meanwhile hailed TNM Plc for tripling the sponsorship saying it is a massive step up and a huge steppingstone in our quest to Transform the Game in Malawi.

“This is a massive step up and a huge stepping stone in our quest to Transform the Game in Malawi,” said Haiya.

“When there are changes in the offices like in this case Sulom having a new president and TNM a new CEO sometimes the chances of continuing partnership are not there. Let me applaud Sulom and TNm for ensuring that this partnership is continuing.

“During my campaign for the FAM presidency in December 2023, I made a solemn promise to see to it that our elite league sponsorship should be at the minimum of half a billion Kwacha. Not many believed that this would be possible.

“Today let us all celebrate the new TNM Super League sponsorship of K500 million. This is a massive step up and a huge stepping stone in our quest to Transform the Game in Malawi. Many thanks to TNM (Telekom Networks Malawi) for their unwavering support and investment in Malawi football. Indeed, you are Always With us,” he said.

From the hiking of the sponsorship, The Champions will this year be pocketing MK100 Million from MK40 Million which represents 150 percent while Runners Up will be getting MK40 Million. The third-placed team will be getting MK15 Million as prize money which means that from the MK500 Million package, K176 million will go towards teams’ prizes.

K10 million will be channeled towards individual awards and K160 million towards teams’ subventions with each team pocketing K10 million.

TNM has also set aside MK50 million for grassroots football a development Haiya says will play a key role in fulfilling the FAM’s key strategic pillar on youth football development.

TNM Plc has been sponsoring Malawi’s topflight league for the past 17 years and the hiking of the sponsorship demonstrates their commitment towards developing football in the country.

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