Chakwera says Malawi’s economy can be boosted by Minerals


By Judgement Katika…….

President of the Republic of Malawi, Dr Lazarus McCathy Chakwera opened the 2024 mining investment forum at BICC in Lilongwe on 23 April 2024.

Speaking during the inaugural speech, Chakwera stressed that Malawi as a country has more precious minerals that can assist in boosting the economy.

Minister of Mining Monica Chang’ana Muno agreed with the president saying it’s time for Malawi to start benefiting from its minerals.

“Our precious stones need to be processed right here in Malawi, where value will be added.” Said chang’anamuno.

Commenting on the same, minister of mining in South Sudan Martin Gama Abucha said, mining has the potential to improve the country’s economy.

The forum started on Tuesday 23 April 2024 and will run up to Wednesday 24 April 2024.

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