Mutharika says Malawi’s future is bright


Former President of the Republic of Malawi and DPP leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, has urged Malawians not to despair as they are sailing through difficult times, saying the country’s future is bright, Malawi will be rescued from misery and destructions.

Mutharika has appealed to all Malawians to believe in God, God has not abandoned them, God is with them all the time advising them that in the elections to come, they should not vote on the basis of emotions but facts and developmental programs.

He has assured patriotic Malawians that he is strong and capable to stand in the 2025 elections saying he has the heart of 19 years old to conduct campaign trails as he is able to walk 10 Kilometers a day dismissing claims that he is old enough not to stand for the elections.

Speaking through an interview with the local television station over the weekend, Mutharika said the DPP has enough support in the country’s four political regions to win the 2025 elections on its own reminding Malawians that in 2009, the party won 67 percent of the votes counted basing on performance of the government.

He said he is not regretting to note that other senior members of the DPP have either joined the MCP or other parties recalling that in 2012 soon after the death of his brother Bingu, there was mass defections claiming that out of 114 MPs, 93 joined the Peoples Party saying this time around, it is only about 5 or 6 MPs who have joined other parties.

The DPP leader said every organization has its own rules and laws governing it so too, the DPP claiming that the former Leader of Opposition Dr. Kondwani Nankhumwa flouted the DPP Constitution, he and other members were legally summoned to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee where they were found guilty of illegally holding a National Governing Council (NGC) meeting.

Mutharika said he is praying for Malawi to hold free and fair elections in 2025 saying elections must reflect the will of the people arguing that the use national Identity Cards should go with other identifications such as driving licenses, passport and even letters from chiefs for many to take part in the voting processes.

“We need to allow other forms of voter registrations other than only national IDs if elections in 2025 are to be free, fair, transparent and credible, DPP will win the elections if there will be no rigging by the MCP,” said Mutharika

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