Fam champions empowerment of young girls through football


The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has highlighted the crucial role of young girls in football asserting that participation in the sport is essential for nurturing self-esteem and confidence among them.

Speaking in an interview after the launch of the women’s football campaign at Karonga Community Ground in Karonga on Sunday, Blandina Mdebwe, FAM’s football manager, emphasized the campaign’s goal to popularize the game among young girls, particularly those in the under fourteen and under sixteen leagues.

She highlighted the significance of launching such a campaign at the district level, emphasizing its potential to unearth hidden talent at the grassroots, thus nurturing future stars for the national women’s team.

“We want to have a strong women’s national team that can compete at the regional and world levels, but this will only be possible if we popularize the game among young girls and get them interested in playing football,” said Mdebwe.

On her part, Tsalakunje Chimanga, Vice President of Women’s Football, expressed gratitude to FAM for extending the campaign to districts, foreseeing its potential to motivate young girls to engage in football and steer clear of harmful activities.

“As women’s football, we express our gratitude to FAM for taking women’s football to districts, which will popularize the game and motivate young girls to take up playing, thus preventing them from getting involved in things that can harm their lives,” she said.

Current Malawian women’s national team striker Asimenye Simwaka who is one of the ambassadors for the campaign, offered motivational talks to young girls during the launch, expressed her happiness that playing women’s football is now recognized as a viable career.

She therefore advised the young girls to embrace hard work and discipline to make it far in professional football.

The launch saw the participation of various teams including Baka City Women, Kawukila Kaluwa sisters, Ndagha Academy, Zinde Academy, Karonga United, and Baka United and this event marked the second phase of the campaign which has included Karonga, Kasungu and Zomba, following its initial involvement in the cities of Mzuzu, Lilongwe, and Blantyre.

The initiative which is a FIFA and FAM project aims to increase female participation in football by promoting the game, raising awareness, and empowering girls in a safe and supportive environment.


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