Self Help Africa attributes project implementation challenges to forex


Self Help Africa (SHA), says unstable availability of forex in the country, unstable availability of fuel, low water table and hard to reach areas were the challenges which hampered the implementation of Dowa Integrated WASH (DIWASH) -Phase 5 in Dowa district.

DIWASH was being implemented from January, 2023 to December, 2023 and has been extended for 2 months in the areas of traditional authorities Chiwere, Msakambewa, Mkukula A and B, Dzoole A and B and Mponela in the district.

The project was being implemented with the key objective of improving health, gender equality and resilient livelihoods through sustainable and accountable WASH service delivery in communities, schools and health care facilities in Dowa district.

Presenting progress report of the project to the District executive committee (Dec) in Dowa, Wash Project Manager for the District Chifundo Mandala, said the project has increased access to sustainable and accountable safe water supply in the areas of 5 T/As targeted schools, improved hygienic facilities and knowledge relating to WASH in targeted communities, schools and health care facilities.

Mandala said the project has registered some achievements such as rehabilitating 50 boreholes, drilling 99 new boreholes, providing 2 piped system and conducting water quality tests in the targeted communities, schools and health care facilities.

He said the project has conducted other WASH system strengthening works such as T/A -wide water point functionality and water quality test for previous grant funded water points, T/A -awareness campaigns to build demand and willingness to pay for sanitation products including hygienic sanitary pads, among others.

The Coordinator said the project has supported the District Council to recruit 2 Water Monitoring Assistants to strengthen monitoring and supervision of water points-now absorbed into the Government system.

He said the project has some sustainability measures such as involvement of the District Council during planning, monitoring and implementation, trained Water Point Committees and System Management Committees and a donation of computers and tablets to the Council for Water Point Monitoring and data updating, among others.

He said during the project implementation period, the organization has learnt that involvement of the District and other stakeholders is key to project implementation as well as strong coordination and collaboration for effective implementation.

Dowa Integrated WASH (DIWASH)-5 project was being implemented in the areas of 5 T/As in Dowa district with funding from Charity Water amounting to 400,000 US Dollars.

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