Chipanga Banda Cuts his Football Aid by 80 Percent


By Victor Stephan……..

Karonga based prominent business man Alufeyo Dicon Chipanga Banda has announced a football aid cut by 80 percent including his aid to Tnm Super League side Karonga United.

Banda has attributed his decision to unstable business environment he is currently experiencing.

“It’s true that I will be cutting my aid to all football teams I was supporting, those that were getting 100 may from now on wards get only 20 as you are aware things are not well in this country but this is a temporary break.” said Banda.

But when asked to clarify his temporal break in relation to his position at the club Banda said he would not be in better position to state his stand.

“As I have said I have decided to cut my aid as for my position at the club that’s a family issue if they want me to continue I will if they replace me I will pave way.” Banda added.

When contacted for a comment on the issue Karonga United General Secretary Ramsey Simwaka expressed ignorance indicating the team is still operating under Chipanga’s direction.

Banda assumed the chairmanship position last year after resignation of his predicessor Mathews Tulombolombo in December 2022 who cited family commitments, Ironically Tulombolombo replaced Banda following his resignation in February 2020.

Banda is one of the major bankrollers for Karonga United better known as Ingwina Shamwa karonga.

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