Afro Barometer Survey reveals dissatisfactions with Tonse Alliance Government


A Pan-African Survey Research network, Afro Barometer Round 9, has revealed overwhelming dissatisfaction by Malawians with the way the MCP led Tonse Alliance government is handling the country’s economy.

The Survey says Malawians overwhelmingly give their government poor marks on economic indicators saying eight out of 10 people say the government has performed “fairly badly or very badly” in economic issues such as food insecurity, poverty, and unemployment.

The Afro Barometer team in Malawi led by the Centre for Social Research indicates that 89 percent of Malawians are saying the country is heading “in the wrong direction” which is a 39  percentage point increase since 2012.

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, says Afro Barometer Survey Report must give the MCP led Tonse Alliance government self-introspection for giving Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika a grave space to bouncing back with victory in the 2025 elections.

Jumah said the MCP led Tonse Alliance government has for 4 years failed to fix what they promised Malawians during the campaign trails predicting that if the elections are held today or tomorrow, Professor Mutharika is likely to win by 56 percent.

He said it is sad that State House is full of one tribe-Chewas with a few Ngoni’s observing that 20 million citizens in Malawi have their tribes but no one of these tribes is qualified to be given positions like Army Commander and Inspector General of Police.

The MRP President says President Chakwera and his Vice Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima only knows the Chewas as qualified people to serve the nation expressing fears that with this mentality, it is not surprising to learn that in some other countries Military Juntas take over civilian government to fix the country.

“President Chakwera promised to clear the rubble in government but instead he has turn to be the rubble himself,” said Jumah.
He expressed his great concern over the missing of many Members of Parliament who did not attend Parliamentary deliberations in the just ended Week observing that 105 out of 193 members were reported to be with the President in the northern region of Malawi accompanying him to his Development Rallies.

Jumah has assured Malawians that with MRP in government, it will make sure that Speaker of Parliament be an independent member and Members of Parliament not appointed Ministers and if appointed Minister, one has to resign the position of a Member of Parliament.

He has finally advised patriotic Malawians to attend meetings for all political parties to listen to their ideologies for no mistake as made in the 2020 elections, dance, ululate, and fake lies to them that people are supporting them but, not allowing 4 years of hunger and corruption to come back.

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