Seven Nabbed for Possession of Cannabis Sativa at Jenda


In an attempt to end drug abuse among the youths,Jenda Police had an intelligence driven operation on the night of March 11, 2024.

During the operation seven have been arrested for possesing cannabis sativa.

After several complaints from teachers in the schools around jenda, that their learners are at times coming to school either high on drugs or alcohol, the station conducted coordinated raids to cut off distribution of sativa and in the process arrested, Samson Dangwe 40, Mustafa Ayami 32, Chisomo Nyirongo 21, Rodwell Banda 20, Davison Nyirenda 24, Frank Kaunga 30, and Ostine Banda 26.

During their arrests, the suspects were found with different amount of cannabis sativa which was ready for sell to customers ,which includes the learners.The suspects have been charged with being found in possession of cannabis sativa without a licence, also with intent to sell or distribute the said drugs.

All suspects will appear before court after the completion of the paper work.

Meanwhile, Police at Jenda would like to applaud members of the community for their continued support to end crimes around jenda, further the station assures people that it is commited in providing a safe and secure environment by curbing crimes in partnership with several stakeholders.

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