Indian critical care specialist Ravindra Zore conducts critical care training at QECH


Dr. Ravindra Zore, a critical care specialist from Wockhardt hospitals in India conducted a two-day critical care training for those working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) department at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre.

The training started on Thursday March 7,2024 and ended on Friday March, 8,2024.

Speaking during the start of the training, Zore described the training as important to the Malawian critical care specialists as it will extend their understanding of the field.

“The main aim of this training is to provide more detailed information about the critical care treatment. We want these critical care specialists have more knowledge in their field so that they deliver best treatment services to the critical patients,” said Zore.

He added:” Critical care needs people who are good and fast in making decisions so that they quickly save patients. You know, a critical patient is always between life and death and he/she needs quick treatment.”

Zore said they will continue conducting such kind of trainings in various major hospitals of the country so that many critical care specialists are reached.

“We want to reach more critical care specialists in various hospitals here in Malawi with such trainings so that Malawi has critical care specialists who are more skilled and knowledgeable,” he said.

On his part, General Manager for Wockhardt Hospitals Somnath Shetty said:”We are more than excited to conduct a skill transfer training program for ICU intensive care doctors and nurses in Malawi.This initiative aims to enhance healthcare capabilities and improve patient outcomes in Malawian hospitals.”

Wezzie Mwafulirwa, a critical care nurse specialist at QECH hailed Zore for conducting the training at the hospital saying it will help many critical care specialists gain new knowledge and skills.

“This training is important to our nurses and doctors as some of the topics covered will help them on how best they can treat or manage critical care patients. Here at QECH, we receive many critical patients from different departments and we believe that this training will help these nurses and doctors who work in the ICU department to execute their duties professionally,” she said.

She added:”The training covers very important topics to our nurses and doctors in as far as critical care management and treatment is concerned.Some of these topics include management of acute kidney injuries, management of sceptic shock and the blood gas analysis.”

15 QECH critical care specialists participated in the training.

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