Mutharika says the works of his hands will be a testimony in 2025


Former President and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, says the works of his hands will be a testimony in 2025 and no more promises warning Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in government that their days are numbered.

Mutharika said MCP will never change, it is still a party of death darkness saying they know that they cannot win the 2025 elections and as a result, they are busy terrorizing the country with panga knives to instill fear in Malawians for them to run the country through violence.

He said it is sad that instead of addressing the challenges rocking the country such as leadership crisis, hunger, rising cost of living and corruption which is rampant, the MCP is busy hacking DPP members describing this as a worrisome development.

Speaking to the media at his Page House in Mangochi on Friday, Mutharika has sent a strong message to the MCP that enough is enough with violence on DPP members urging it to stop the violence and stop the suffering of people.

Mutharika has appealed to President Chakwera to assure Malawians that all political parties will be free to engage their members and campaign in the central region so that there will be no repetition of the violence committed by his party thugs.

He said Malawians are sick and tired to have a leadership that is cruel, violent and tribalistic assuring President Chakwera that violence will not free passport printing, driving licenses and bringing food to the vulnerable people affected by hunger crises.

The DPP leader said MCP harassed DPP women in Dowa and then Lilongwe disrupting a peaceful Blue Convoy Parade saying besides the party writing the MCP Secretary General, they have received no response, the MCP has remained silent running the country with violence and anarchy.

He has wished all DPP members that are suffering from wounds of injustices following the attack by MCP thugs in Lilongwe a quick recovery assuring them that the world is with them, they are not alone reminding them of his pledge at Ndata in Thyolo that he will never leave Malawians alone.

‘ I know the Malawi Police Service is in extreme pressure from the MCP, exercise professionalism on your jo by providing safety and protection to all Malawians, arrests the culprits for Malawians to trust you,” said Mutharika.

He finally applauded political parties that condemned the MCP, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and religious organizations for voicing out their concerns through various social media platforms in condemning the MCP for perpetrating violence against DPP members in Lilongwe.

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