Mutharika Claims no Longer Two Camps in DPP


Former President and leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, says DPP is now united more than ever before claiming that there are no longer any camps, victory is on their part in 2025.

Mutharika said divisions which were there are now a thing of the past, DPP is now a united and democratic party under one leadership of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika who is ready to lead the party to victory in 2025 elections.

Speaking to the media at his Page House in Mangochi on Friday, Professor Mutharika said there have been strategies to eliminate him so that he not stands again in the 2025 elections and manufacturing court cases saying all these attempts have failed.

Mutharika said some other people after not satisfied that manufactured cases have all failed, they are now strategizing themselves to push for age limit bill in Parliament as their Plan B assuring them that they will fail again.

He reminded Malawians of his 2018 prophecy made in the United States of America (USA) “if not careful, evil will one day rule Malawi” claiming that the evil is now in their midst -MCP perpetrated violence and brutality.

The DPP leader said since 1964 MCP has been a party of death and darkness, it has never accepted democracy to prevail in the country claiming that what they know is violence and killing of innocent people and throw them into the Shire River as crocodile meat.

He lamented that Malawians are living in a nation of sorrow, darkness and death, the country is a failed state as evidenced by failing to feed its own people, building better roads and a country of no future, people do not know where their country is going.

“Malawi has a State President but no a leader, he promised of Canaan, but the people are in Bagamoyo Coast with no hope of freed again,” said Mutharika.

He has since assured Malawians that are in Bagamoyo Coast with no hope for their country to breathe a new life not to lose heart but continue rallying and supporting the DPP with hopes that they will be freed again claiming that DPP is ready to govern this country again in 2025.

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