Job seekers demands answers on ghost workers from interviews


By Sarah Gwetsani……..

Social media forums have been a washed with news for ghost names who have made their way in as successful candidates without attending interviews for the position of Health Surveillance Assistants (HSAs] tenable in the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of health shortlisted some successful candidates earmarked to start employment in the civil service but to the surprise of many who sat for the interviews, ghost names were picked and have formed part of successful candidates a development which is worrisome to many who attended the interviews and have not been successful.

Districts such as Ntchisi, Chiladzulu, Phalombe, Mzimba, Mchinji, Chikwawa, Blantyre, Salima, Chitipa, Mulanje, Lilongwe, Karonga, Dedza, Dowa and Nkhatabay are appearing on the list with some names that have been asked to start work without attending interviews.

The development is similar to the Aptitude Test primary school teachers under went in October, 2022 across the country for PT3, PT2, and PT1 Grades where successful candidates were being invited in secret through phone calls from the offices of the District Education Managers to sign letters of promotions.

President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera was voted into office with trust that he will fight corruption in his government but instead of fighting the vice, he has been seen condoning it contributing to rampant corruption which is three times bigger than it was during the reign of the DPP.

Job seekers who attended the HSA’s interviews in Blantyre petitioned the office of the District Commissioner demanding answers and so too, Mchinji where angry youth visited the offices of those who were on the panel of interviewing candidates to explain the criteria used to pick ghost names as successful candidates to start work in the Ministry of Health.

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