CDEDI Claims Chakwera Caught Lying Under Oath


The Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has claimed that President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera was caught lying before the House of Records on the day he appeared in Parliament to explain about the passport crisis in Malawi.

The CDEDI says President Chakwera has not only lied to the world but also proved himself to be a security threat to the nation making Malawians into believing that the country’s passport printing system has been hacked and that the hackers are demanding a ransom.

The organization says President Chakwera disguised Techno Brain as a hacker to earn himself and his administration public sympathy observing that Malawi is at crossroads, the MCP ICT team is holding the country at ransom.

Writing in a statement dated 23rd February, 2024 signed by its Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa, the CDEDI says in March, 2022 the Malawi Government engaged Techno Brain to use its money to build the system for printing passports and to recover their money through passport fees.

The CDEDI says at the end of the contract, Techno Brain handed over everything to the Malawi Government recommending a Dubai-based company-GIT as a maintenance consultant saying some MCP connected ICT gurus bypassed Techno Brain and GIT tampering the system to run away from paying license fees.

It says after tampering the system, there attempts proved futile and they invited a Techno Brain team which came for assessment, recommended to government that they needed 8 days to bring back the system and printing could resume in Lilongwe and Blantyre to be followed by Mzuzu and Mangochi.

“MCP ICT team convinced government that they did not need Techno Brain’s assistance,” reads part of the statement.

The CDEDI says President Chakwera is shielding the trio that is holding the country at ransom by allowing them to feed the nation lies that they will be able to run the system through bypassing GIT and Techno Brains at the expense of people requiring passports to travel medical attention, business and school.

The organization says the Immigration Department Director General Retired Brigadier General Charles Kalumo owes Malawians an explanation reminding him that Malawians have a right to know who did what, calling for a live public inquiry over the matter where Techno Brains would also be heard.

The CDEDI has recommended government to immediately recall able hands that have full knowledge and skills of the said hacked system but were unceremoniously interdicted, posted or transferred to go back and solve this national crisis.

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