Unknown thugs attack DPP members for holding peaceful road show in Lilongwe


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members have seriously been injured as some have been rushed Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe.

Several cars have been damaged and members who gathered at Mbowe filling station have been chased.

DPP members gathered at Mbowe when they planned to conduct a peaceful road show to encourage Malawians to register for the coming elections.

When DPP members were about to start their road show, a crowd of people arrived at the filling station and started attacking and hacking them with matchets, axes and many more.

Almost 7 cars have been damaged and looted as well removed car batteries and deflated their tyres.

Police and other well wishers found some injured DPP members lying in a nearby Maize field near Mbowe filling station. Other victims were found lying down unconscious and have since been rushed to African Bible College clinic.

Unknown people who were armed with stones, panga knives and catapults are strongly suspected they wore masks in order to disguise themselves to damage cars and scatter Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members who gathered on Saturday 24 February, 2024 at Mbowe filling Station in Lilongwe.

A lorry number plate “LA 9108” was spotted carrying thugs at Mbowe filling station where DPP members gathered in readiness for their Blue Convoy Parade.

Some DPP members have been severely hacked and their personal cars badly damaged in the fracas including various property has been stolen.

DPP planned to hold their peaceful road show sensitising people the importance of registering for the coming 2025 election and obtaining a national ID in order that they should vote.

DPP senior officials have said that they do not doubt that the fracas has been caused by Malawi Congress (MCP).

In the meantime, Malawi Police have arrived at the scene but have not said anything yet.

One of the DPP law makers, Victor Musowa, who was also present at the scene said they have followed all procedures notifying and lodging a complaint to police on the matter.

More details to follow

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