Mangochi Accuses Chimwendo of Harassing Members of Opposition Parties


Karonga based rights activist Lyton Mangochi, has accused MCP Director of Youth Richard Chimwendo Banda of keeping quiet and commenting nothing on his MCP members who are harassing members of the opposition parties particularly DPP.

Mangochi said it is sad that Chimwendo Banda has chosen to remain quiet seeming to not aware warning him not to comment on matters affecting the DPP claiming that all the confusions in the DPP are being sponsored by the MCP.

He said Chimwendo Banda and his MCP is failing to solve matters rocking Tonse Alliance government for empty promises but is busy talking DPP issues on Leader of Opposition in Parliament while at the same time abusing Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima and Enoch Chihana.

Speaking through a video clip circulating in various social media platforms, Mangochi said Malawi is heading towards bloodshed because of MCP activities harassing opposition members warning it that they will go to the other regions where they will be welcomed by the same harassment.

Mangochi has also accused Members of Parliament for passing a useless bill that Chief Justice after retiring from service, he must be pocketing K2 million as House Allowance observing that this is speaking for itself that MPs cares more of their own pockets than Malawi and its citizens.

He lamented that many civil servants are failing to meet ends meet with little salaries they are receiving per months faulting parliamentarians wrong for not thinking of these junior civil servants but K2 million house allowance to a retired Chief Justice.

The activist said had it been that President Chakwera was born and grew up in Malawi, he would have heard the cries and sufferings of Malawians but because he was born outside the country, he cares nothing only for himself and his family.

“Chakwera is the President who does not care about the pain and sufferings of Malawians, the citizens are crying of devaluation of the Kwacha and MPs passing a bill of K2 million to retired Chief Justice, what a shame,” said Mangochi.

He has lamented that Blantyre is gone, there is no business as all government offices were relocated to Lilongwe advising people of the southern region that MCP has killed the region in terms of business claiming that nothing is moving, the country cannot balance.

Mangochi has finally accused Church Reverends of Nkhoma CCAP Synod of applauding President Chakwera’s State of the Nations Address (SONA) because of fat envelops of money they are given forgetting that their church members are in pain and suffering.

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