24 Opposition’s MPs blocked from entering Parliament


24 Opposition legislators have been blocked from entering the Parliament as the security has been tightened at the Premises.

Democratic Progressive Party’s Members of Parliament were on Monday ordered out of the house after chaos erupted when Kondwani Nankhumwa was recognized by the Speaker of Parliament, Catherine Gotan Hara as the Leader of Opposition not Mary Navichi who is recognized by DPP as the holder of the position.

For the conduct, the MPs were ordered not to report to the National Assembly for two days by Hara but they are demanding a “clear explanation” from the Speaker on why some legislators are being denied entry into the house.

They have, meanwhile, gathered outside the house as they are doing some discussions and orchestrate the new method that they can embark on.

The MPs have agreed to abscond Parliament until they meet the Speaker of Parliament and be addressed on what is going on.

Speaking to the media, Mulanje Bale legislator, Victor Musowa said if the Speaker chooses not to address them, they will camp at the entrance of the Parliament building until their request is met.

“We are going to camp here until the Speaker addresses us. She can come here or we can meet her in any office she feels safe. Or else we will be here until night and we will leave our vehicles here,” said Musowa.

Meanwhile, embattled Kondwani Nankhumwa has responded to the State President’s State of National Address (SONA) as the leader of opposition in the house.

He said, Malawians are suffering a lot from the economic woes and that the government should translate its rhetoric into tangible action.

“The government should stop dealing [businesses] with Dobadobas as Malawi, as a Nation, we are losing huge sums of money in such deals.

“Local people are not benefiting from the Affordable Input Programme due to corruption. It is unsustainable and drains to taxpayers money. Every year, Malawians are suffering from famine despite the investments that are being made on AIP.

“We need a change in policy in line with the current change in climate,” he said.

Nankhumwa added that the move by the government to move all government departments from Blantyre to Lilongwe will affect the economy of the City giving an example of the transfer of the Capital City from Zomba to Lilongwe.

“This move will paralyze the development of Blantyre as a City. This will lead to Congestion in Lilongwe.

“When Dr Kamuzu Banda moved the Capital City from Zomba to Lilongwe, Zomba suffered and its economy was affected,” he added.

Zomba Ntonya MP, Ned Poya represented the United Democratic Front (UDF) in responding to the SONA while DPP will be allowed to respond to the SONA on Thursday, a private members’ day.

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