Waste management stakeholders call for mindset change on waste


By Steven Godfrey Mkweteza…….

A network of waste managers convened in Blantyre on Wednesday have called upon the residents to change their mindset towards managing waste in the city.

Speaking in an interview at the meeting Blantyre city council senior environmental health officer Chipo Majoni has acknowledged mindset change was crucial in addressing the liquid and solid waste resources in the city.

Majoni said the existing mindset of the residents could have been changed if more sensitization campaigns were put in place.

However, she laments lack of resources as one of the main elements setting back the efforts.

” We could have put together the organised civic education campaigns, targeting people such as parents, children and other leaders so that these people should be aware of the basic facts about waste management.

“This should have been done to make sure that all people have enough information about waste management,” she said

According to her, the Blantyre city council was facing a challenge collecting waste with inadequate vehicles and lack of equipment to manage dumpsite, among other things.

Currently, she said the council plans construction of a new waste recycling center in chigumula, engaging private waste management companies and enforcing local laws mandating people trash disposal.

In a separate interview, city coordinator for waste advisors, Idris Mkwanda advised the city dwellers to cultivate a culture of recycling materials as a means of waste management since the current dumpsite at mzedi has become so full with the waste.

” The waste products can be value added into manure making which can benefit the residents in the end as well,” he said.

Representatives from companies, industries, waste collectors, business persons and Blantyre city council brainstormed strategies to improve waste management under ‘ Blantyre think tank networking meeting.

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