Malawians gangs for no presidential age limit


Some concerned Malawians have vowed to hold hands to go to court to obtain an injunction stopping the Malawi Parliament not continue tampering with the supreme law of the country by enacting a bill about age limit of a presidential candidate.

Parliament is expected to convene from 9th February, 2024 where high on its agenda is to enact a law of limiting presidential age to 75 a development which has angered patriotic Malawians that the laws must not be changed over a night.

It has been alleged that all efforts are being made by MPs from both government and opposition to block former President and DPP leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika from standing as DPP Presidential candidate in 2025 elections.

Many questions are being raised on why other political parties are involved in the age limit of Professor Mutharika who is over 80 years and is being described as an old person when the same laws allow the aged to go and cast their votes to elect a representative of their choice.

Interestingly, other parties have been speaking openly that DPP will lose miserably in the 2025 elections and nobody knows the motive behind that and the same that are preaching about DPP loss are blocking a presidential candidate who is not from their party from standing.

Patriotic Malawians have made it clear that they don’t want war in Malawi claiming that in some countries there’s war started by politicians for enacting bills that promote party and individual interests.

Esnath Kalimanjira of Area 49 in Lilongwe, has asked those that are preaching that DPP will lose the elections to come clear for the citizens to understand them on whether they are meaning DPP itself to lose the elections or Professor Mutharika to lose the elections.

Kalimanjira said if DPP loses for fielding Professor Mutharika as a presidential candidate the problem will be with the DPP and this should not affect other political parties who have their presidential candidates as well.

She observed that the country has been crying for youth empowerment that young leaders under 70 years be given a chance to rule the country but the country has gone to the dogs, there’s rampant corruption than ever before clearly speaking for itself that their leadership style cannot match with those who are above 70 years.

“Let Professor Mutharika stand and let him fail, that is democracy, people have the right to choose and not politicians deciding for the citizens,” she said.

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