Nankhumwa accepted DPP decision of firing him


Expelled Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for the South Dr. Kondwani Nankhumwa, says he has accepted the decision which was reached by the disciplinary committee of the party to fire him from the party advising members not to listen to propagandas that he has joined the MCP.

Nankhumwa said he is surprised to learn that beside of being fired from the party, the DPP is following him with propagandas that today he has joined the MCP, tomorrow he has joined the UDF, PP advising members that he will speak for himself of his next political direction.

He has since assured Malawians that it won’t take time, this week starting from 28th January, 2024, he will open his mouth for the world to listen to his new political direction saying his words will be like a bomb which will explode.

Speaking to a mammoth crowd that was waiting for him in Ndirande Township -Blantyre on Sunday, Nankhumwa said he was expelled from the DPP for his strong wish to contest for a DPP presidential seat at the party’s elective conference so that he becomes DPP presidential candidate in the 2025 elections.

Nankhumwa said by being expelled from the DPP, this does not mean that his desire to stand as a presidential candidate is over, assuring all of his supporters that come the 2025 elections, his face will be on the ballot paper.

“The vision of standing as a presidential candidate is still on, next year, you will see my face on the ballot paper, ‘said Nankhumwa.

During Nankhumwa’s visit to Ndirande, some women were seen burning DPP Zitenjes’s as a sign of anger over Nankhumwa’s expulsion from the DPP.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) District Governor for Lilongwe Urban speaking on a strict condition of anonymity has advised DPP women following Nankhumwa’s next political move, never and ever to burn DPP Zitenje’s but to share it to others who are genuine DPP women.

The Governor has assured all that DPP remains a strong party in Malawi with or without expulsions and suspension of Nankhumwa and others, claiming that the party is enjoying grassroot support making it to be proud of bouncing back into government if the elections are held today or tomorrow.

He has dismissed claims which some quarters of the society are making that Nankhumwa will divide DPP votes and reduce chances of DPP winning the 2025 elections advising all Malawians to reflect back to 2018 and from 2020-2024 claiming that Malawians are in pain and suffering today four times than they were in 2018.

“Patriotic Malawians that have seen the pain and suffering in the hands of Chakwera cannot go to vote for Chakwera to bounce back into government in 2025,” he said.

He has encouraged Malawians wishing their country well, backward never and forward ever with Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika claiming that he is the only one among those to contest for the hot seat in 2025 who can defeat Chakwera with or without people casting their votes.

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