Truck Driver Ngonyani to Face Challenges Working in the Future due to Sustained Injuries


A medical report indicates that Elasto Ngonyani, a 35-year-old truck driver who was beaten by Mozambique police at Zobue, may face challenges working in the future due to sustained injuries.

The report from Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital reveals lumbar sliding disc loin pain on the right side, scalp lacerations on the head, pain in the right knee, and pain in the left ankle with a few lacerations.

The victim currently experiences severe headaches, general body pains, chest pains, shortness of breath, and numbness of the feet resulting from the assault.

Ngonyani urges the Malawi government to employ diplomatic means to end police brutality on Mozambican roads, especially towards foreigners.

Happy Saka, Malawi’s Consul General for Tete and Zambezia provinces in Mozambique, says talks are underway, and authorities have assured them they will address the issue appropriately.

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