Mangochi describes Mkaka’s remarks on Alliance as unfortunate


The Rights Activist Lyton Mangochi, has described the remarks which were made by MCP Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka on the MCP-UTM Alliance on Times Television as very unfortunate.

Mkaka told the world that the MCP does not know that there is an Alliance with the UTM claiming that that if there was an Alliance, it was during the run up to the 23rd June, 2020 fresh presidential elections that saw President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera the winner.

Mangochi has asked God the Almighty to visit Mkaka so that he can repent for the remarks made and come back to the house of the Lord for him to start saying the truth and not used to telling Malawians lies.

Speaking through a video clip circulating in various social media platforms, Mangochi has claimed that Mkaka is one of the people who has made President Chakwera to lose trust of the people claiming that he has been telling President Chakwera lies.

Mangochi said President Chakwera has failed to run the country in the interest of all because he is being surrounded by people who don’t want to wish the country well saying had President Chakwera knew in advance that Mkaka and Chimwendo Banda are confusing him, he would have dropped them before things have turned soar today.

He said Malawians from all walks of life witnessed the signing of an Alliance between MCP and UTM at the Kamuzu Institute of Sports in Lilongwe and for Mkaka to say that he don’t know the Alliance, he is deceiving himself and President Chakwera.

The activist has claimed that President Chakwera is not in good terms with Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima and Enoch Chihana not because of his interest but the interest of Mkaka and Chimwendo Banda who have made it possible to sow seeds of destructions.

He claimed that without Mkaka and Chimwendo Banda confusing President Chakwera, Chakwera would have today been a darling of the people not the way Malawians are looking at him as a failure while the truth is that President Chakwera is not a failure.

“People in South Sudan are fighting because of careless remarks of ruling out an Alliance when all Malawians are witnesses of the Alliance signed between MCP and UTM,” said Mangochi.

He has claimed that President Chakwera is being booed, insulted and castigated, visiting ADMARC without maize saying all this are as a result of telling him lies and President Chakwera was made to believe and trust in them.

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