98 illegal immigrants busted at Jenda


Jenda Police in Mzimba have on January 19, 2024 apprehended 98 illegal immigrants of Ethiopian origin enroute to Lilongwe at an ad hoc roadblock during the night in the district.

Police officers of Jenda mounted an ad hoc roadblock around Jenda on the said date acting on information that there are illegal immigrants travelling to Lilongwe in unknown motor vehicles. At around 21:00 hours there came three motor vehicles, a Fuso fighter Van registration number NN4023 in between of two small cars.

The front vehicle tried to divert from the roadblock this prompted officers to shoot the front tyres but never stopped and managed to proceed on deflated tyres.

In the process, the driver and his assistance of the Van jumped out while the vehicle was still in motion and the van stopped after hitting another Van that was in front stopped at the ad hoc roadblock.

After opening the Van, it was discovered that it was full of illegal immigrants from Ethiopia hence their arrest.

The back vehicle, Toyota Mark II white in colour managed to turn around and spade off. All 98 illegal immigrants will be taken to court for entering into Malawi illegally.

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