Rev. Kalua Calls for Mindset Change Among Youths in Synod of Livingstonia


By Blessings Kaunda……

Reverend Vincent Kalua of Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Livingstonia Synod on Monday advised youth in Synod of Livingstonia to avoid living in the past if they are to pursue in their lives.

He made the remarks during preaching at Mchengautuba CCAP church in Mzuzu City Presbytery under during Synod Day of Prayer and Fasting as over one hundred youth gathered.

He said many youths have failed because they focus on results instead of undergoing the process saying one has to undergo a certain process in life.

“One cannot harvest without ploughing. First things first. Don’t focus on the results as this will make one be in crisis. If one fails to follow Jesus they will face crisis,” Kalua said.

He advised youths to remain royal to Christ Jesus and focus on education if they are to excel in life.

“You should not undermine the power of education as it helps one to think. Let me tell you that poverty is perpendicular opposite to witchcraft so you must work hard in your studies.

“As Synod we have our culture of doing things. Besides, we also encourage the young ones to pursue their studies to have a better understanding of the word of God and be productive to the nation,” he said.

Kalua then advised the youth to avoid being involved in immoral behaviors as doing so will ruin their lives.

“If we have primary and secondary school students here, my message to you is do not think of getting engaged right now for you have a long way to go. Make sure you focus on your education,” he added.
CCAP Synod of Livingstonia youth chairperson, Gift Msiska said the message has come at the right time as the year has just begun.

“We need to change the way of doing things. We are in modern world where everything needs one to think so my plea is that it is always good to start the year with the Christ Jesus and everything ends well,” Msiska said.

Kalua; Don’t focus on the results- pic  Blessings Kaunda

He advised the youth to be attending such programs as they are a life changing programs since they tackle in many areas for example physical and spiritual aspect of a person.

One of the youths who attended the gathering, Mirriam Kawonga from Lupaso Congregation who is also a teacher by profession promised to change the way of doing things this time around because of the topic.

“Mindset change teaching has made me realize where I did not do well. It has also helped me to understand that without God all things are impossible but we need to engaged Him in our plans who will make us do things differently and in a modern way,” Kawonga said.

According to Mzuzu City Presbytery chairperson Mike Sakala when you do what God tells you to do you end up achieving a lot of this saying that if they rush they will crush but God is the controller.

He said the teaching emphasized much on an entrepreneur and someone who is pursuing their education that if they walk with God they will be able to do things rightly.

Part of the youth that attended the Prayer and Fasting – Pic Blessings Kaunda

Synod of Livingstonia hold Synod Day of Prayer and Fasting every year and theme this year was New beginning with Jesus Christ. The program happened in many CCAP Synod of Livingstonia churches.

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