2-year-old son in critical Ill after assaulted by Parents at Jenda


Jenda Police have arrested Mike Phiri, 30, and his wife Mayamiko Banda, 28, on suspicion that they brutally assaulted their 2-year-old son Mike Phiri between October 23, and December 31, 2023 who is now critically ill and admitted at Mzimba District Hospital.

It has been established that Mike Phiri (father to the victim) in October, 2020 whilst married to Mayamiko Banda, also impregnated Eness Banda, 24, and had been assisting her until she gave birth to the victim in 2021.

In October 2023, the father demanded custody of the child which was given to him. It is alleged that on January 01, 2024 the biological mother of the victim was informed by the father that their son had fallen from a table and was sent to Jenda Rural Hospital where he was referred to Mzimba District Hospital since his condition was critical.

Whilst at the hospital the mother discovered that her son had been heavily assaulted with an object since he had strike marks on the back, swollen head, and dark buttocks as a result of battering. The medical reports also indicated that the son cannot stand or walk on his own due to suspected spinal injury.

The victim’s back

The matter was reported at Jenda Police Station who followed up the issue and led to the arrest of the couple.

Upon being questioned the couple revealed that they had been beating the child because he could defecate anyhow in the house.

Meanwhile both suspects have been charged with grievous harm which is contrary to section 238 of the Penal Code. They will appear before court after the completion of paperwork.

Police at Jenda is warning the public that it will not relent on such act towards children, anyone found subjecting a child to brutality will be arrested and face the law.

Mike Phiri comes from Chikomeni Village, Traditional Authority Simulemba in Kasungu while Mayamiko Banda comes from Chizolowondo village, Traditional Authority Chakhadza in Dowa district.

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