Opinion: The Impact Of Sameer Suleman Leaving Nankhumwa’s DPP Rebel Group


According to media reports, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South East Sameer Suleman has left the party ‘rebel’ group headed by former vice president for the south Kondwani Nankhumwa.

In view of this development, this article attempts to peep through the circumstances leading to this very interesting decision made by Sameer and what this means.

First of all, the breaking away of Sameer Suleman from Kondwani Nankhumwa rebel camp could be early warning signs of the camp falling apart. Suleman has realized something and is repositioning himself on the winning side just in good time before the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP ) convention scheduled for July 2024.

The signs of which camp is likely to win at the convention between Nankhumwa and Mutharika are clearly written on the wall. Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika was once President of Malawi and every citizen knows how he governed this country. On the other hand, Kondwani Nankhumwa has been Leader Of Opposition, and his performance has equally been addressed for the past 3 years close to 4 years now. Therefore, for Sameer I would say he is well informed than many people who could be a better leader between the two warring sides. In other words Suleman has finally discovered that Kondwani Nankhumwa is a weak Leader both in Parliament and as former DPP vice president for the south.

It looks like Suleman has seen the situation in the DPP from a distance. It is paramount to see things from far before they happen and this is what I visualize in the decision made by the law maker. He has probably already seen the fall of Kondwani Nankhumwa before the actual fall takes place at the convention slated for July 2024. Some critics ask: does Kondwani Nankhumwa think he can defeat Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika at the convention and stand as a presidential candidate then finally beat President Reverend Lazarus Chakwera and become the State President of the Republic of Malawi and be addressed as His Excellency President Kondwani Nankhumwa? Many people think this could be a big joke and many critics have disqualified Nankhumwa completely out of this race after assessing his strength and weaknesses using a number of yardsticks such as that of Leader Of Opposition.

Finally, Sameer has probably thought very carefully before making his final decision. He is well exposed to both APM and KN leadership styles and he’s is able to see who has the potential of winning the presidential race. I want to believe that Sameer Suleman’s final decision leaving the party ‘rebel’ group headed by former vice president for the south Kondwani Nankhumwa speaks volumes for itself.

In conclusion, the Kondwani Nankhumwa camp has finally started falling apart while the Arthur Peter Mutharika camp is gaining ground before the final battle of the convention is fought. Other signs that have exposed cracks in the KN camp are the screen shots that were recently taken and went viral on social media, showing desperate discussions among his team members. That again speaks volumes of loss of trust from the overzealous camp and is deeper than what may be seen from the surface. The battle is finally lost before the loss itself.

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