Community Policing Members Rescue Burglar from Mob at Jenda


Community policing forum members at Jenda on January 07, 2024 rescued a suspected thief, Peter Nyirenda 23, from a mob after he broke into the house of Peter Mark and was caught in the act by the owner during the night on the said date in Mzimba.

It has been established that there was a funeral at section 2A and the suspect took advantage of this and broke into the house of peter Mark thinking he is at the said funeral, unfortunately he was still at work and upon reaching home Mark together with his house mate discovered that their house had been broken into and their belongings were parked in a way that someone wanted to take them out including clothes.

Upon searching the house thus when Peter Nyirenda was discovered hiding under the bed after his plan of stealing was foiled by the arrival of house owners. they managed to pull him out of the bed but he over powered them thus when they called for help and people from the funeral managed to apprehend him and started manhandling the suspect, he was latter rescued by community policing forum members who brought him at Jenda police station.

Peter Nyirenda has revealed that he went into the house to steal a Bluetooth speaker that he has been seeing house owners using. He has since been charged with burglary which is contrary to section 309 subsection (2) of the penal code and he will appear before court in due course.

Jenda police station applauds members of the community policing forum for taking part in rescuing the suspect from the mob, further police discourage members of the community from taking the law into their hands, rather they are asked to bring any suspect they have apprehended to police.

Peter Nyirenda comes from Menyu village, Traditional Authority Mzikubola in Mzimba district.

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