Tiyanjane Mlangeni vows to serve Chakwera outside State House


Fired State House Horticulture Assistant (Gardener) Tiyanjane Mlangeni, has vowed to serve President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera with her whole heart beside her services been terminated at the State House.

State House terminated Tiya’s employment contract as a Horticulture Assistant following a warning letter dated 13th July, 2023 that some members at the State Residences were disgruntled on how Christmas hampers were packed in December, 2022.

In the letter of terminating her employment contract says State House was surprised to note that a recent report received from the Chief of Staff indicated that in the month of December, 2023, Tiyanjane also authored and circulated in the social media several voice notes castigating senior members of State Residences and this has brought disrepute to the State Residences.

“Your services as Horticulture Assistant (Grade M] Gardener are no longer required and have consequently been terminated with effect from 27th December, 2023, you will be given one month’s salary in lieu of notice,” reads the termination letter to Tiyanjane.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Tiyanjane said she has accepted the termination of her employment contract even though she was not invited for her views to be heard.

Tiyanjane thanked President Chakwera for appointing her to be one of working with State House saying she has no problem with her President and even no time to insult him claiming that Chakwera is a president who has come to stay to build Malawi.

She said she sees no problem with her being fired, there is no office without problems saying she is MCP forever, she was not fighting with the party or insulting President Chakwera saying President Chakwera has told her to be hard working and she will continue from where she has stopped.

Tiyanjane has claimed that she had no peace of mind working at the State House as she did not want to go with men as other women are doing expressing her sadness that she has been fired while those who were caught stealing and going about with their bosses are still working.

She claimed to have been fired on 1st January, 2023 and was only waiting to receive an official communication saying she received a letter of going back to the State House and was sent back at the State House gate by the one who signed for her termination of employment contract letter.

“The country can speak more of me but I am now happy, I did not want to work under pressure, I have to protect my body and not to let everyone touch it,” said Tiyanjane.

However, Tiyanjane has claimed that she is receiving death threats assuring Malawians that no one can kill her saying MCP is a party while State House is Government advising the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to find time to investigate State House.

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