Security journalist calls DCs to use NIS to the fullest


A security journalist Ephraim Mkali Banda and a security expert Sherrif Kayisi have called on District Commissioners across the country to use officers of the National Intelligence Services (NIS) to monitor implementation of all projects at the district level.

Journalist Mkali Banda has observed that District Commissioners do not use the NIS for their reasons best explained by themselves reminding them that in countries which are fast developing, NIS officers are used to the fullest to monitor projects.

He claimed that at the district level, there are substandard buildings, uncompleted projects, projects on paper saying all these are happening because there is no security to look after these projects resulting to contractors pocketing millions of Kwachas from government for unfinished projects.

The Security journalist said for any development project to be in the interest of all, security must be intact saying projects are being implemented at a district level without the project committees describing this as a worrisome development.

He said during the reign of Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda, the National Intelligence Services (NIS) formerly National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) was fully used by District Commissioners in monitoring development.

Mkali Banda said today, besides the NIS being in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) receiving a special vote in the National Assembly for funding, has its officers at the District Council offices not provided with resources such as a vehicles to carry out their daily work activities.

He claimed that during Kamuzu Banda’s rule, officers of the NIS were highly respected for the District Commissioners to perform their work at ease advising District Commissioners to work with officers of the NIS in all of the projects at the district council.

The Security journalist said the NIS is a very important office feeding the Malawi Defense Force (MDF), Malawi Police Service (MPS) and all security organs with information including the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) hence a great need to provide this office with enough resources.

Mkali Banda has given a good example of Tanzania where the country is advancing in development saying the government there uses much the (TIS), he further said the department is fully funded with enough resources including vehicles at a district level.

The Security Journalist has noted that the DC’s in Malawi needs the intervation of NIS when they have created problems, a thing which he says should not be happing.

The DC is president of the district ( He represent the office of the president) no wonder during Kamuzu time DC’s were untitled to security dide.

“NIS needs resources such as vehicles, motorcycles for its efficiency to monitor all projects at the district level,” said Mkali Banda.

Security expert Sheriff Kayisi has conquered with what the security journalist has said.

“Let me agree to what the journalist has said if the department can be used to the fullest issues of mismanagement of funds in councils, poor projects, said Kayisi

The security Journalist says if the department can be used to the fullest, issues of mismanagement, abuse and embezzlement of funds in Council’s in addition to poor projects implementations, will be history of yesterday.

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