Widows and Widowers BLock into Tears of Joy in Rumphi


By Blessings Kaunda…….

Some women were seen rolling on the ground, dancing while others were crying in disbelief of what their eyes could see as Ganje representative was distributing Christmas present in Principal Group village headman Ganje in Traditional Authority (TA) Mwahenga Rumphi.

It was a tense moment as the aged lined heading to the place of distribution while others failed to hide their excitement.

Speaking in an interview, one of the beneficiaries, a 60-year-old widow, Chrissy Mololo from village headman Mololo said it was her first time to see such a thing happening.

She said they started with eating and drinking before each one of them received their Christmas present.

“We are very happy of Ganje family. I am 60 years old widow now and cannot manage to find little to celebrate with my family. You could see that I was emotional the time I went to receive my present,” Mololo said.


She advised those staying in town to be doing such events as it is also one way to promote unity and culture of the particular grouping.

“Such parties help us the old to interact with those we saw way back and at the same time promote culture because it is the time each one share what they know. Today I have met old friends just because of this gathering,” she added.

Speaking on behalf of the Ganje family, Anthony Chinula said they thought of organizing this end of the year party with the widows, widowers and the challenged because they remember what God did to people as he gave his only begotten son.

“God expressed his love by giving us his begotten son so we wanted to embrace what God did to us by sharing the little we have with the elderly and the challenged people,” said Chinula.

He lamented the support sorely went to widows, widowers aged 60 above and those with different challenges but lack support.

“Our target was to reach out to 70 people and almost everyone was present except very few who sent apologies but we managed to send them what we prepared for them,” he added.

Chinula was pleased with how the people responded to their call as this demonstrates peace in the community.

“You could see it for yourself the excitement that these women held on their faces. It wasn’t a fake one. They genuinely expressed the feeling of excitement and I nearly dropped tears upon looking at these widows’ and widowers’ excitement,” he added.

Principal Group village headman Ganje said he was pleased to see the aged from different village heads coming together during Christmas and share the little they have.

Ganje family plans to hold again such event and including more people to benefit. Among the presents they distributed was sugar and salt.

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